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4000w Sharp Solar PV Kit complete with all accessories. This Kit comes with 16 Sharp ND-R250 panels which are to be mounted Landscape on your roof in a 4x4 formation.

System Components
Our residential kit systems are built with components from some of the leading European manufacturers of solar products
• Modules from Sharp (UK)
• Inverters from Power One (Italy)
• Mounting from Schletter (Germany)
• Isolators from IMO (UK/Austria)
• Cables from Studer / Onamba (Switzerland / Czech Republic)
PV Modules
• Our Kit Systems offer two choices of module, each of which is the most efficient in the range for its size
• The ND-R250 is a 60 cell, 3-grid polycrystalline panel with a module efficiency of 15.2%
• The ND-R195 is a 48 cell, 2-grid polycrystalline panel with a module efficiency of 14.9%
Premium Mounting System
• All mounting structure components are quick-fit and come ready assembled or as a single piece
• All roof hooks have 30mm of vertical adjustment built-in for ease of rail alignment
• The special quick-fit module clamps provide can provide earth continuity across the array
• All the Power One inverters in our kit systems have been selected to give the best possible match with the module array
• All inverters come with a 5 year warranty extension, giving your customers piece of mind for a full 10 years
• All models of 3kw and above include multiple MPP trackers for management of unequal strings.
Balance of System Components
• True DC isolators from IMO incorporate a rapid snap action, minimising any arcing
• The DC cable included in the kit is terminated with the same SMK connectors as our modules, guaranteeing perfect compatibility
• Lockable AC isolators, generation meter and warning labels complete the kits

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